Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alumni of the Month- Summer 2010

Claudia Gabel ’00 

“All the comparative literature classes I took at Hofstra gave me the critical thinking skills that are needed to be an effective book editor, and the creative writing courses challenged me a lot. I was able to forge successful careers on several fronts because of that, and I consider myself very lucky to be part of an industry that has enriched my life ever since I was a little girl.” 

Claudia earned a Master of Arts in English and American literature from Hofstra. She deviated from her original plan to pursue a Ph.D., and instead decided to follow her love of creative writing and books into the world of publishing.

In 2007 Claudia’s first young adult series, In or Out, was published by Scholastic/ Point. The four books are loosely based on her life and feature two best friends who grow apart during their freshman year of high school. Currently, Claudia is a senior editor at Katherine Tegen Books, and her newest novel, Romeo and Juliet and Vampires, was published by HarperTeen in August 2010.

Robert Harrison ’75 

“Don’t blame others for your shortcomings, and remember to give thanks to those who have helped you along the way. Try to keep connected with your fellow Hofstra classmates after graduating; networking will benefit your future. Be humble, be honest, and be fair.” 

After graduating from Hofstra, Robert became a successful communications manager, published poet, cartoonist, newspaper and documentation photographer, children’s book writer, historian, playwright, baseball history re-enactor, docent, and magazine staff writer, as well as a sought-after guest speaker on radio and television and at various events. Robert has participated in numerous Hofstra Cultural Center conferences and has donated photographs to the Hofstra University School of Law and Hofstra Bird Sanctuary websites. In fall 2005 Robert was asked by Hofstra Assistant Dean for Special Collections Geri E. Solomon to photograph every September 11 memorial site on Long Island. The photos were featured as part of the 2006 Hofstra University Museum exhibition Voiceless in the Presence of Realities.


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