Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alumni of the Month- March 2011

Ty Fuller ’00 
“Hofstra gave me an edge in numerous ways. The information I learned, from geographic information systems to hydrogeology and sedimentation, gave me a competitive advantage in my career. The professors of the Geology Department also maintain a close relationship with alumni. Dr. J Bret Bennington was directly responsible for my current employment. He not only encouraged me to attend a
networking dinner engagement, which eventually led to an interning opportunity, but also drove me to the interview when I did not have a car.”

While still in high school, Ty was asked by a teacher what he wanted to do after graduating from college. He joked that he wanted to save the world and make money doing it. He never anticipated that years later he would be working for the largest groundwater supplier in the United States. Ty, who graduated from Hofstra with a Bachelor of Science in environmental resources, is a senior hydrogeologist at Suffolk County Water Authority, responsible for overseeing the drinking water wells and conducting research on groundwater quality for more than one million people. During his time at Hofstra, Ty was active in the Geology Club and developed a passion for public speaking, which would become a valuable skill in his future career. He has more than 10 years of experience as a hydrogeologist, and has turned his high school dreams of success into reality.

Scott Nicholson ’88

“Hofstra students need to understand that the real world is not easy. It is an extremely competitive and fast-paced environment that can offer incredible opportunities with the right synergies of passion, desire, and drive.” 

Scott is the author of Seeds of Achievement: The Ultimate Roadmap for Young Adults on Obtaining Success, Prosperity, and the Winning Edge in Life. The book offers knowledge and strategies to achieve life and career success, prosperity, happiness, inner joy, confidence, and personal pride. Scott’s natural athleticism enabled him to excel in both baseball and football at Hofstra. After graduating from Hofstra with a B.A. in communication arts, Scott briefly pursued a career in television sports broadcasting in Washington, D.C. In 2005 he created Xtraordinary Home Products, which focuses its manufacturing on innovative kitchen technologies for major U.S. retailers such as Kmart, QVC, Avon, and Bed Bath & Beyond, to name a few. In 2008 the company developed the Perfect Brownie™ baking pan, which became a No. 1 selling baking item in the United States.


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