Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Class Notes: 2006

Alex Cadet (B.B.A.) of Atlanta, GA, was promoted to senior staff accountant in GH&I’s audit
department. GH&I is an Atlanta-based certified public accounting and advisory firm ...
Marques Colston (B.A.) of Saint Charles, LA, was part of the Super Bowl XLIV Champion New Orleans Saints, helping lead the franchise to its first-ever Super Bowl win ... Stephanie
Mancini (B.A.) of Bethpage, NY, was recently hired by Garden City Public Schools as a speech-language pathologist for the middle school ... John Orsen (B.B.A.) of Laurel Hollow, NY, joined Trilogy Lacrosse as business manager. He manages the operations for instructional events, teams, and merchandising, along with bookkeeping and coaching ... Stephen Bowen (B.A.) of Frisco, TX, signed a five-year contract with the Washington Redskins, after playing the last five seasons with the Dallas Cowboys ... William Colon (B.A.) of Bronx, NY, re-signed a five-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, after playing for the Steelers for the last five years ... John S. Orsen (B.B.A.) of Laurel Hollow, NY, has joined Marquette University’s varsity men’s lacrosse program as an assistant coach ... Leslie Ann Snyder (B.A.) is the media and corporate communications manager for CCS, a fundraising, consulting, and management firm based in New York City.


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