Monday, March 14, 2011

Class Notes: 1966

Steven Brooks (B.A.) of Las Vegas, NV, was promoted to the Southern Integrity Unit as fraud/quality control investigator ... Beverly Grebler Hyman, Ph.D. (B.A., M.A. ’72) of Manhattan, NY, wrote the book How to Know If It’s Time to Go: A 10 Step Reality Test for Your Marriage along with her husband, Dr. Lawrence Birnbach ... Stuart Hochron (B.A.) of Great Neck, NY, ran for election as Great Neck Plaza mayor ... Alan Schackman (B.A.) of Santa Rosa, CA, retired from HUD in 1996. He enjoys hiking, whitewater rafting and playing tennis in California’s wine country among the redwoods, and spending time with his grandchildren ...Dr. Eric J. Dietrich-Berryman (B.A.) of Virginia Beach, VA, has co-authored a book titled Passport Not Required U.S. Volunteers in the Royal Navy, 1939-1941. The book tells the fascinating tale of 22 forgotten heroes – Americans who volunteered for the Royal Navy in the dark early days of World War II.


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